While creating Siaral Piaras worked closely with two members of the Yellow family, who were interested in bringing to life creatures that had become nothing more than myths, even to the fae. It was one of the least experimental worlds as the plan was, right from the beginning, for this to become the breeders world, where the race created to look after the creatures and the creatures could live without difficulty.

There are three large continents, each reachable by one of three doors leading to Siaral. It is a world not often visited by the walkers as it's never had any real problems, but there are several merchants who travel there at least a couple of times a year to purchase creatures that they sell on many of the other worlds, and often work with the breeders to create crossbreeds that will interest their growing customer base. Continent one is home to the unicorns and pegasi; continent two is home to the dragons; and continent three is home to the phoenixes and elemental birds.

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