Pendragon was the second world to evolve around Kniroch. It's a water world, where people live both under and over water. Those who live underwater live in a series of bubble towns: some are connected by underwater bubble paths, while others can only be travelled to overwater. Everyone who lives overwater spends almost all their time on what is called a boat town. They are almost all directly above one of the bubble towns and are easy to travel to, via a teleport system. To get between boat towns there are smaller boats that travel between two specific towns, so it can take a while to get from one side of the world to the other.

It's another world that Knirochians often have trouble with, due to the time it takes to travel from town to town, because the teleport system only works up and not across. Most people don't know much about Pendragon, but there are a few merchants who sell magical items from this world, including magical coral.

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