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Linda is the home of the Linduns, four races with a connection to the elements: the Embers; the Clouds; the Waves; and the Rocks. The Embers are red and orange coloured lizard people who have pyrokinesis as their elemental power. They are permanently at war with the Waves and the Rocks. The Waves ae deep blue/sky green scaled people with both lungs and gills so they can live comfortable in and out of water. Their elemental ability is divination and they are also able to time travel. The Rocks are metallic coloured golems that have super strength. The Clouds, because they keep out of the war, are shunned by the other three races. They are blue, white and grey feathered people who can fly, are telepathic and have kinesis.

In the centre of the world, connecting the lands of the four other races, live the eight deities of this world on their own island. They are believed to be the favoured race, created by the fae to watch over the others, and this means they have a lot of control, but they don't always use this in a way the walkers would be happy with.

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