Labyrinth was the first world to evolve around Kniroch. No one knows what the surface is like, because the three races that live here all live underground and have very little interest in exploring the overworld, as they believe they have all they need already. It is the home of users of crystal magic, which is slightly different to the fae's stone magic, who are well known throughout the web and their crystals are highly sought after, but only some inhabitants of Kniroch have the ability to travel here so the merchants have to rely on these people.

The currency here is not monetary. Instead the races will help those from the other world in exchange for favours, which often means that getting a single crystal involves a lot of work, and this makes them even more sought after because they are hard to get. Very few Knirochians choose to work for others here, which makes those who do a valued comodity, although they aren't always treated right.

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