The first lost world, due to magical evolution, and the door failure meant the five fae volunteers sent there to watch over the newly created races were trapped. Originally it was created for one purpose, to gather the magic the fae needed, so it wasn't a particularly experimental world, but instead was simply the home of three magical races. This changed once the fae realised that they would never get back to Athare and the magics that each of the trapped fae had affected the people of Kankirin.

Family ties faded when the fae were working on the new worlds, because they had very little choice but to work together, and when the group realised they really were trapped it was both a good and a bad thing. It meant not having to ignore the ties of friendship, and more, that had evolved, but it did also mean that they would never see their families or old friends again. They built new lives on Kankirin and changed the world. Creation magic became one of the main abilities of one of the races, dream magic that of another, and they affected both the people the fae had created and the world around them.

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