This split world is the home of three races: the Lumen, who live in the day third; the Umbra, who live in the twilight, or dusk, third; and the Arctus, who live in the night third. Each race was created with their own specific magic, that relates to which section of the world they were born in. When travelling to other worlds, which is something none of the races of Beshaki choose to do very often, their abilities will only work at the correct time. This is worst for the Umbra, as twilight is usually a relatively short period of time on the other worlds, so they are the most unlikely to leave their home world.

Beshaki consists of one large continent, which is split into thirds due to the way the world is split, and then a number of islands. Most people live on the large continent, even though there have been troubles between the three races, but some do live on the islands, and these are normally family groups. The islands usually belong to the family group, although they can be passed to another family or person if the owner/s wish to move to the larger continent.

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