Welcome to the Many Worlds Edit

For those of you who found the wiki first the Many Worlds are, for want of a better way of putting it, very complicated. It all began with a race called the Artach Silva Lupos, who had certain magics that permitted them to create races. This was then passed on to another race, the Fae, along with a number of other magics, which led to a lot of issues. All of these are written about, or will be, in fiction at The Many Worlds website, as well as on Patreon, where there will be a number of early access stories for all patrons, along with some world building and character information.

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World: Aena (Gaelom11)World: AerithWorld: Aesurn
World: AilirWorld: ArdinWorld: Arkal
World: AstoraWorld: AteniaWorld: Athare
World: Avaera (Gaelom3)World: BeniraWorld: Beshaki
World: BeshnaiWorld: CreothWorld: Edge
World: EllerinWorld: EndiriWorld: Eorith
World: Eulae (Gaelom6)World: GaelomWorld: Iaenos
World: Iliria (Gaelom12)World: Ilirin (Gaelom2)World: Jadir (Gaelom5)
World: JanochWorld: KaliniaWorld: Kankirin
World: KidoriWorld: KnirochWorld: Konoran (Gaelom4)
World: Krolar (Gaelom10)World: LabyrinthWorld: Linda
World: LorasiaWorld: LothereWorld: Neothe (Gaelom9)
World: OracleWorld: PendragonWorld: Plienedes
World: QuiarWorld: QuindilWorld: Raenarin
World: SaetheraWorld: ShadurWorld: Shael (Gaelom7)
World: SiaralWorld: SoriathWorld: Sterling
World: TaithmarinWorld: TalisWorld: Thear
World: ThianWorld: TulochWorld: Valatar
World: Valira (Gaelom8)
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